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[IMPORTANT] Malware Alert: Cryptolocker‏

Dear valued Clients, is aware of a malware program named Cryptolocker. This malware is being spread globally via e-mail in a form of attachment and once launched, it encrypts files on a PC and requires the user to pay a fee or the files will be deleted.

Part of our commitment in protecting you as our clients, and also our brand, please be reminded that it is important that you do not open e-mail attachments from unknown sources, especially executable or zip files. The e-mails containing Cryptolocker reference a voicemail message in the attachment. If you happen to receive an unexpected email from an unknown sender, please delete it immediately and do not attempt to forward it to anyone else especially using our mail servers.

To learn more about this malware and how you can be protected from it, please read this article from Krebson Security:

Thank you for reading this email.

7HostingPH Support Team

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